Climate Action Planning (CAP)

Climate Action Planning

We believe that as climate change poses an increasingly greater threat to communities across California, bigger and bolder actions to drastically reduce our communities' greenhouse gas emissions are absolutely necessary. This is why we are working toward coordinated climate action plans (CAPs) for cities and regions to take effective and immediate action in the climate struggle.

The state of California has endorsed local climate action in order to achieve its 2030 statewide emission reduction goal of reducing emissions to 40 percent lower than 1990 levels by the year 2030. While regional and local climate action plans are not mandated by the state, California’s 2017 Climate Change Scoping Plan provides guidance and recommendations for local CAPs in order to encourage local emission reductions.

Through advocating for the municipal adoption of CAPs and shared regional commonalities and goals in these plans, we support agendas that center greenhouse gas emission reductions in their orientation, planning, and development. If CAPs are adopted by a critical mass of municipalities in California, greenhouse gas emission reductions will be centered in development across the state, and the possibility of a greener and more sustainable economy is optimistic. Many California cities’ CAPs, particularly on the central coast, have identified GHG emission reduction goals for the coming decades and are actively implementing programs that prioritize clean power. We hope to facilitate community involvement and make the Golden State greener!

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