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Support Your Nonprofit Neighbor While You Safeguard the Planet

Recent advancements and incentives in the renewable energy space have made green upgrades some of the best investments any resident, business, or community can make. Now is the perfect time to take local action to create a lasting, global impact.

Greenpower launched in 2016 to fight climate change by implementing local energy solutions. Early on, we focused on organizing to expand the reach of Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP), the Central Coast’s new Community Choice Energy (CCE) program. Through this work, we built an unrivaled network of energy experts. Next, drawing inspiration from Pope Francis’ climate treatise, Laudato si’, we helped green the Catholic Diocese of Monterey.

Now, Greenpower uses our network and expertise to create sustainable energy solutions tailored for businesses, organizations, and even whole communities. Whether it’s a small interior energy efficiency upgrade for a school or a full solar installation to power a town, we analyze your needs to find your best solution. As your dedicated project developer, we carefully select partners who ensure you always get the best service without extra hassle or expense.

We aren’t like other companies. When you work with Greenpower, you help more than just yourself. As your nonprofit neighbor, Greenpower isn’t in it for the money. We believe in same values you do. We want to grow a healthier, happier planet together.

Our turnkey energy alternatives to traditional, profit-driven companies can keep money in your pocket and help make California 100% carbon-free. If you’re ready to make the move to fully sustainable power, we invite you to consult with us and consider your options. We look forward to working with you to create lasting solutions that matter for your business and for the earth.

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