Mynt Systems

Mynt’s integrated one-stop shop approach to energy efficiency projects eliminates guesswork and unnecessary footwork by combining assessment, engineering, design, and implementation into one package that is easy to understand, financially appealing, and ecologically responsible.

Mynt optimizes the process each step of the way by serving as the consultant during every phase, including the owner’s final measurement and verification. We want to help you, the property owner, the property manager, or business owner achieve energy efficiency in the simplest and quickest way with the least amount of headache and risk.

Net-Zero Churches

We connected the Roman Catholic Diocese of Monterey with Mynt to implement the installation of solar panels across 40 churches in Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties. After their initial assessment, they expanded the project to transform the churches into net-zero buildings.

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Year to Date Accomplishments

Updated 11/21/16


Lighting fixtures changed

616, 313

Pounds of CO2 kept out of atmosphere


Square feet of solar panels installed


Anticipated Year 1 energy savings

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