SLO Climate Coalition

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to help the City of San Luis Obispo achieve carbon neutrality. This means reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change by increasing the use of renewable energy from clean sources like the sun and wind. Then we must phase out the use of fossil fuels like gasoline in cars and natural gas in buildings. Finally, we plan to strive for zero waste and store as much carbon as we can in our trees and soil.

Our Partnership

Greenpower supports the SLO Climate Coalition in its mission to create a carbon-free San Luis Obispo, and the Coalition is a vital partner in our effort to do the same for the entire California Central Coast.

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Help SLO Go Carbon-Free

1 cent

Amount more per kWh to opt up to Monterey Bay Community Power's Prime program and make sure your energy mix is 100% renewable.


Number of new initiatives we're forwarding to help the City of San Luis Obispo reach carbon neutrality by 2035.

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