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Climate News

Fighting Climate Change from the Ground Up

How regenerative agriculture can help revitalize the earth in the era of climate change

Collective Action

San Benito Health Foundation: A Model of Safety and Sustainability

Upgrading your healthcare facility with a state-of-the-art clean energy microgrid is a cost-efficient way to ensure the health of your patients and safeguard the planet.

Collective Action

Compost: Your Own Personal Carbon Sequestration

How you can combat climate change from your kitchen


You’re Invited to San Benito Health Foundation’s Open House and Ribbon Cutting

Come celebrate with Greenpower and the San Benito Health Foundation (SBHF). Its new sustainability and efficiency upgrade will make it California’s first fully self-sufficient, zero-carbon, renewably-powered healthcare facility!

Climate News

Fracturing California’s Climate Leadership

The Trump administration’s plan to reopen millions of acres of California for fracking will sink the Golden State’s climate goals in a flood of dirty oil.

Climate News

Storage: The Golden Egg of Renewable Energy

Recent developments in renewable energy storage can help the world run on clean energy sooner than you think.