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Climate News

Climate and Capitalism in the Age of Disaster

Year-round wildfires, utility bankruptcy, a president's climate delusions. All symptoms of the same disease: capitalism. Can we treat it before it's too late?

Collective Action

California’s Green New Deal Can Set the Bar for National Climate Action

On January 7th, Greenpower and allies delivered an open letter to Governor Newsom urging him to champion a Green New Deal for California.

Collective Action

Turning a Corner: A Green New Deal for California

The case for a California Green New Deal.

Climate News


After being implicated in some of the massive wildfires that have ravaged California, the state's biggest utilities are trying to put the blame on climate change. How far have they really gone to protect the homes — and lives — of California residents?

Climate News

AB 813: Welcome to Coal Country

Dr. Conway's Climateside Chat, July 5, 2018

Climate News

California’s Energy Future: At the Crossroads

Dr. Conway's Climateside Chat, May 11, 2018