California Senate Bill 692 Levels the Playing Field for Community Choice Energy

Posted July 10, 2017

Community Choice Energy (CCE) has been a powerful tool for meeting climate goals and benefiting ratepayers, even in the short time it has been operational in California. A recent bill, SB 692, will help further unlock CCE’s potential by reducing charges on renewable power sources like wind and solar that partially or totally bypass utility-owned electric transmission lines. Currently, local renewable projects such as home or community solar projects that are located at or very close to customers and use only local power lines, are charged the same fees as larger power plants that may be situated hundreds of miles away from consumers and require costly long-distance transmission infrastructure.

SB 692 attempts to resolve these unfair charges that are passed along to customers by requiring the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), a nonprofit public benefit corporation that oversees California’s electric systems, to collect input from customers, CCEs, private utilities, and other stakeholders and reevaluate the way in which transmission fees are imposed. 

You can help support CCE by telling members of the Assembly Energy Committee that you want them to Vote YES on SB 692

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By removing the requirement that local renewable energy projects pay heavy fees for infrastructure they don’t use, this new bill will put such projects on an even footing with larger power plants and help the state achieve its goal of reaching 50% renewable energy by 2020. Additionally, the California Alliance for Community Energy has estimated that such an action would save California ratepayers $38 billion in avoided fees.

"This provides the opportunity to transition to a more decentralized and democratized energy system, one that allows our communities to build more resilient infrastructure and economic stability." Al Weinrub, California Alliance for Community Energy

Take Action: Send your letter of support to Assembly Energy Committee

SB 692 has already passed the California state senate and is currently in the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy. A hearing on the bill will take place on July 12, 2017. As it is endorsed by the California Alliance for Community Choice Energy, the passing of SB 692 into law would be a definite boost for CCE and, by extension, the renewable revolution.

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