California’s Green New Deal Can Set the Bar for National Climate Action

Posted January 11, 2019

On Monday January 7th—just as Gavin Newsom, California’s newly-elected 40th Governor, was preparing to take his oath of office—Greenpower led dozens of activists and allies to California’s capitol to rally for a Green New Deal for the Golden State.

Moments after Governor Newsom’s swearing in, we delivered a letter to his office calling on him to fulfill his own bold commitments for climate action and champion a legislative suite of action designed to prioritize clean energy jobs, climate responsibility, and environmental justice.

We’re grateful to the many who showed up to join us for this inspiring day, and to the more than 60 elected officials and organizational leaders from San Diego to San Francisco who signed onto our letter (below) and asked Mr. Newsom to step up as the new environmental champion that our nation, and our world, so desperately needs. Current signers include the former president of the California Public Utilities Commission, four mayors, two county supervisors, and 19 city councilmembers.

The Trump presidency mustn’t be allowed to speak for California on an international stage. It’s incumbent upon Californians to build on our great state’s legacy of environmental leadership and accomplishments as quickly as possible.

Contact Your State Representatives and Governor Newsom and Ask Them to Champion a Green New Deal for California

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As the recent U.N. Climate Report and our government’s Fourth National Climate Assessment make clear, now is the time for bold action. Recent reports revealed that after years of declining carbon emissions nationally, we saw a 3.4 percent rise in 2018. The stakes could not be higher. We can no longer afford to move at the speed of politics as usual.

California can, and must, continue to lead the way globally and here at home. Passing a Green New Deal in 2019 here should serve as the model that progressives in Congress, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, can push for at the federal level. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez got the ball rolling on the national stage—but, unfortunately, it’s going to be a slow roll.

When Fox “News” calls the Green New Deal the “most radical” suite of legislation proposed in decades, that’s a solid signal it’s worth pursuing. We Californians must show congressional leaders that Ocasio-Cortez’s vision can work right here, right now, in the world’s sixth largest economy.

"We can longer afford to move at the speed of politics as usual."

As Governor Newsom begins his tenure, we’ll keep the pressure on him to fulfill the environmental promise of his leadership. We invite all concerned organizations and elected officials in California to join this movement—and we hope you’ll see fit to work together with us. You can sign on above to join our coalition to pass a Green New Deal for California.

We’ll be in touch soon to talk about next steps with our partners. We thank you for reading and for being a part of the solution—the future of our shared world depends upon our action together.

Click here to read the full letter to Governor Newsom

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