San Benito Health Foundation: A Model of Safety and Sustainability

PostedSeptember 26, 2019

San Benito Health Foundation: This small-town, carbon-free clinic models the future for healthcare facilities nationwide.

California's First Zero-Carbon Healthcare Microgrid

In August of 2019, the San Benito Health Foundation (SBHF), a small clinic in rural Hollister serving a community of mostly Spanish-speaking farmworkers, became California's first healthcare facility to run on its own zero-carbon microgrid.

In 2017, the Foundation's CEO, Rosa Vivian Fernández, visited Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. There, she saw that healthcare facilities, dark for weeks, were unable to care for patients when they needed it the most. Vivian discussed what she'd seen with her board, and together they determined they'd never let anything similar happen to their community.

As the frequency and intensity of climate-generated disasters grow greater by the year, SBHF is making a critical difference for the planet and in the lives of its patients. Now, SBHF will remain open to serve its patients, come what may.

When the grid goes down because of a wildfire or high winds, SBHF will be open. When PG&E, Northern California's electric utility, resorts to blackouts — as it recently has — SBHF will remain open. No matter what, SBHF will remain open.

KION News Reports on the San Benito Health Foundation's landmark solar project. SBHF now runs on its own carbon-neutral microgrid, the first of its kind in the state of California. If SBHF can do it, so can you!

For the Health of Patients and Planet

Upgrading your healthcare facility with a state-of-the-art clean energy microgrid is a cost-efficient way to ensure the health of your patients and safeguard the planet.

Transforming your facility can make sure:

  • You can ensure patient safety at all times because your facility won't close or go dark due to an electrical shut-off by your utility
  • You can stay open to serve your patients as the work is being completed
  • You can drastically reduce your facility's carbon footprint and become a net-zero energy consumer
  • You can save tens of thousands of dollars every year on your energy bills
  • You can become a community and statewide leader by adopting an energy model destined to become the standard for the healthcare facilities of the future

What's Involved?

Upgrading is easy and can be completed in a few short months — or even more quickly, depending upon your internal timeline. You'll meet with our team and we'll share all the specifics and help you manage and do outreach around your project, including connecting you with an energy contractor who will install the following three items:

1. A rooftop solar array

2. A lithium-ion backup battery capable of powering your entire facility for up to ten days without power from the grid

3. A full interior energy efficiency upgrade, including an inspection of your current systems and outfitting your facility with LED lighting and other energy-saving appliances

It's that easy to make a huge difference for the health and safety of your community and the world we share!

Watch our video and the television news story below detailing the opening and celebration of San Benito Health Foundation, a California landmark of sustainability and safety.

To learn more, please reach out to us through our Energy Efficiency Specialist, Leslie Austin:

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