Central Coast Climate Action Summit

PostedJune 23, 2020

Our Region Responds to a Changing Climate

Originally envisioned as an in-person gathering, the Central Coast Climate Action Summit has been converted into a series of online webinars, each addressing a different community. Our first session—held on May 7, 2020—was a wonderful success. Participants from throughout academia joined us as we discussed making climate change education part of our region's curricula.

Up Next: Business Session, October 8, 2020

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Stay tuned as we continue our series of regional conversations to promote climate action planning. Here's what's in the works:

  • Policy Session — Spring 2021

This year is different. Pride Month (June) happened in the middle of a racial justice revolution … which came about in the middle of an economic crisis … in the middle of a global pandemic … in the midst of climate change, the existential crisis of humanity. We know that injustice, public health issues, and economic repercussions will continue as long as we encroach upon our natural habitat. Responding to climate change now — on the regional level through planning and action — is a key part of the movement toward a healthier world. We can and must contribute.

Global warming continues largely unchecked in the cities and counties within the Central Coast, leaving our communities unprepared. Climate action planning that reflects the unique needs of our communities will establish goals and actions, both within and across sectors, to drive down GHG emissions as quickly as possible.

The goal of the Summit is to help our region establish just and equitable solutions to the challenges of the global climate emergency. Reducing costs and damages by increasing resiliency requires the study and planning of anticipated impacts, and the prioritizing of preparedness efforts. It also requires the identification and procurement of resources. The Summit is designed to engage and support community leaders to develop action plans.

Originally scheduled for Spring 2020, but postponed to Spring 2021 due to the pandemic, the Summit is the result of a partnership with Greenpower, CSUMB, Monterey Bay Economic Partnership and the Central Coast Climate Collaborative. Its aim is to engage participants, within and across city and county boundaries, to develop plans and strategies to make a real impact.

Attracting innovative thinkers and leaders drawn from government, academia, business, and nonprofits, participants will exchange ideas, showcase climate solutions, and mobilize the collaboration needed to expand our region’s capacity to build resilience.

Academic Session — Completed Spring 2020

Watch the video from our Academic Session hosted on Zoom

Tim Carter, President of Second Nature, was the keynote at this virtual event designed to connect a broad coalition on the topic of climate change. In facilitated breakout sessions, attendees explored how the climate crisis intersects with business and various academic fields of study. Session participants Identified avenues to create learning experiences and policy to alter the trajectory of climate change.

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