Community Choice Energy

Community Choice Energy provides California cities with a cleaner, less expensive alternative to monopoly utilities. Greenpower's organizing and outreach can help your community realize the environmental and social justice benefits.

In 2001, California passed Assembly Bill 117, giving local governments the ability to form Community Choice Energy (CCE) programs as greener, more cost-effective alternatives to monopoly utilities. CCE has become a wildly successful model. More than 120 cities and counties throughout the Golden State have now established locally controlled nonprofits to produce and purchase electricity.

These programs reduce greenhouse gas emissions and electric bills, and they provide jobs and infrastructure to boost local economies. Greenpower endorses CCE as the tried-and-true path to continue California’s unparalleled climate action legacy.

Our community outreach and organizing helped expand the scope and deepen the environmental commitment of our backyard Community Choice Energy program, Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP). The massive support of people like you helped us to more than double MBCP’s reach. Our projections show that MBCP will reduce California’s carbon footprint by nearly a billion pounds per year for the next decade!

In 2017, Greenpower joined the San Diego Community Choice Alliance (SDCCA). This coalition of dedicated citizens and advocacy groups promotes adoption of CCE in the City of San Diego by the end of 2018. CCE will offer the City a better energy choice and the opportunity to achieve its 100 percent renewable energy goal by 2035, as mandated by its landmark Climate Action Plan.

The Green Cities Coalition

Passing progressive legislation is hard work. Only by forming a strong bond with partners like you are we able to expand the scope, and deepen the environmental impact, of Community Choice Energy throughout California. We invite you to stay tuned for the latest updates, use our zip code and city search function, and contact us to get involved in active campaigns in your area.

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