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We’re working with government officials and the Catholic Diocese of Monterey to pass strong Community Choice Energy legislation for the Monterey Bay area. Our ultimate target is to double renewable energy use throughout California.

Let’s Make California the National Leader in Community Choice Energy

In 2001 California passed Assembly Bill 117, enabling its municipalities to form Community Choice Energy programs as an alternative to the monopoly utility model for producing electricity. Since then, several regions have taken control of their electricity supply, establishing nonprofit, local government-controlled entities who purchase electricity on the open market, or produce it themselves and sell it to citizens. The programs have been wildly successful.

Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced while maintaining rates and keeping surpluses local to boost economic activity. At Greenpower, we recognize the remarkable potential of Community Choice Energy to help California become the unquestioned national leader in climate action. We’ve dedicated ourselves to expanding the scope, and deepening the environmental commitment, of the Community Choice effort in our own backyard: Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP).

Right now, cities and counties throughout our region are voting on whether to join MBCP. You can see when it's your city or county's turn by using our calendar. We encourage you to show up at your local meeting and voice your support for our region's renewable energy solution!

The Green Cities Coalition

Lobbying for passage of progressive legislation is hard work. Only by forming an ever-strengthening bond with our partners—the Catholic Diocese of Monterey and Monterey Bay Community Power—are we able to expand the scope, and deepen the environmental impact, of Community Choice Energy on the Central Coast of California. It won’t be long before we expand the model we’ve created here throughout California.

Monterey Bay Community Power Roman Catholic Diocese of Monterey

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