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Sustaining California's leadership in the fight against climate change.

Let's Secure California's Green Energy Future

As the world’s sixth largest economy, what California does sets an example for everyone. We can take pride that we’ve worked hard to become the leader in the global fight against climate change.

California generates more solar power than any other state, and we’re No. 3 in wind power. Our stringent renewable energy standard mandates that utilities procure 33 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Under landmark legislation enacted in 2016, we’re scaling back greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by the year 2030. “Since 2000, [California] has managed to shrink its overall carbon footprint slightly even as its population grew and economy boomed.” (1)

Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s election has threatened our progress. His tax proposals will cripple investment in the wind and solar industries, and his promises to increase subsidies for coal and expand oil exploration will further undercut the growth and development of the renewable energy sector. His energy policies will derail California’s advancement toward a greener future. It’s a double whammy: If the price of fossil fuels goes down and the cost of renewables goes up, clean energy technologies may no longer be viable.

That’s why California must act now to shield our state from the Trump administration’s plans to double down on dirty energy and roll back years of environmental protections.

We propose a two-pronged approach. First, let’s ensure that federal subsidies don’t give coal, oil, or natural gas a competitive advantage in our state. We can accomplish this by either strengthening our cap-and-trade system or by implementing a statewide carbon-tax. The latter option would send a clear message to federal policymakers and could help spark a nationwide movement to bury fossil fuels once and for all.

Second, we must ensure that clean energy technologies remain accessible. We believe California should pledge to replace any federal incentives for renewable electricity and energy efficiency that the Trump administration eliminates.  

We’re working with communities to secure our state’s place as the global leader in the fight against climate change, protect the positive progress we’ve made over the last several years, and do our part in preserving our planet for generations to come. Please help us petition California’s elected leaders to do the same today. Tell them to stand up to Trump’s fossil-fuel agenda and clear the path for our state’s clean energy future.


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