Green Churches

Working with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Monterey to transform churches into beacons of sustainable energy production.

Greening Churches as Fast as We Can

In June 2015, Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment and human ecology placed new importance on the fight to restore our world for Catholics everywhere. As a result, parishioners and clergy alike are taking steps to bring individual churches into alignment with this powerful directive. For Catholics, this has become a matter of spiritual importance. At Greenpower, we’re honored to be working with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Monterey to offer rooftop solar to 46 parishes representing 200,000 people.

The goal is to convert houses of worship from electricity consumers to producers. Our efforts go beyond provision of solar power; we’re also working through our partner Mynt Systems to install energy efficient lighting along with improved heating and cooling, and window treatments. Not only do these measures help protect the environment, but they will help save churches and schools millions of dollars that can be used for public ministries and education.

The Green Churches Coalition

We can’t do this alone. Our partners enable us to access parishes efficiently and provide them the expert services they need to live up to Pope Francis’s powerful vision for climate action.  

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